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You live in Tampa Bay…

Let’s get you started as a models and actor

Step #1

Join our ON CAMERA MEMBERSHIP here On Camera Membership. Why is this the first step?  We want to meet you in person and know that you are serious about taking a step forward as a model and actor.  If you are going to be successful,  you must be able to audition well.  This is what the membership is all about, being able to master the audition. All potential models and actors need to get started here. 

Step #2

Join our ONLINE Modeling and Acting UNIVERSITY.  Why do I need an education?  This may seem like a silly question but we get asked it all the time.  Modeling and acting is show business.  It is a business where you can make money and you need to discover the ins and outs so you do not get scammed and you know how to effectively navigate the business from people who have actually made a living from being in the modeling and acting business.  If you skip this step you are missing EVERYTHING.  How can you expect to do something well if you will not take the time learn how to do it.  If you are really serious, then you will take the time to enter the business properly, if you have not had success becoming a model and actor then this step is VERY IMPORTANT  for you to do.

Step #3

 Once you have completed ONLINE Modeling and/or Acting University, you may request an invitation to be in our INNER CIRCLE BUSINESS COACHING FOR MODELS AND ACTORS 
What is this? This is a coaching group that meets monthly to help you with your business as well as offer guest appearance by agents, directors and industry professionals.  This group also has access to a private message board with castings, tips,  and videos of  previous industry professionals that have visit with us. This group is EXTREMELY VALUABLE if you want the support you need to be successful.  Only the best of the best get invited into this group.